Good Bye Tesla – Welcome T*****
Published on: Mar 7, 2021
Good Bye Tesla - Welcome T_____

Dear all,

I am going to sell my Tesla. It has served me well for more than four years, though it was more of a “standicle” than a “vehicle” last year.

What’s next? I’ll tell you: A Toyota. A new Toyota Mirai. Hydrogen. And in white, not blue. White is the new blue, as you know…

Rationally, I have to say: buying a car right now is stupid. I’ve never been on the road as little as I have in the last 12 months, not to mention long-distance driving.

Emotionally, I have to say: I’ve been talking about hydrogen for years, writing blog articles, organizing events, developing components and systems – then I have to at least know first-hand how well it actually works.

My advantage is that the nearest filling station is eight minutes from my home and the detour on my way to the office is about two minutes. In that respect, that’s not the problem. The rest? We will see… The car is coming in June. I’ll keep you posted on my experience.

The “father” of the Mirai is Katsuhiko Hirose. He is also the father of the Prius – although it would be correct to say: one of the fathers. And to put it in politically correct terms: one of the parents, although Japanese cars don’t have that many “mothers”. Building cars in Japan is still clearly a man’s job.

In the meantime, Hirose-san is in what is called “retirement” in Germany. He himself calls it “I have graduated from Toyota” – and advises companies and politicians and lectures as a professor at a university. He is still intensively pushing his life’s topic, the sustainability of mobility.

And you know what? On Thursday, he’ll be a guest speaker in a Mission Hydrogen webinar talking about the societal benefits of hydrogen. So it’s not about nerd issues, it’s about the vision of a decarbonized society.

You can register here; the webinar is free as always:


David Wenger

PS: And just in case you still doubt: Hirose-san is definitely one of the greatest visionaries and leaders I know. When he speaks, I listen very carefully. Always. And I recommend you to do the same:

PS: If you haven’t yet registered for the Hydrogen Online Workshop on 3/25/2021, which is also free, you should do so. We are currently at around 7,500 registrations. The sponsors Burckhardt Compression, Neuman&Esser, Hexagon Purus and Hyundai as well as all speakers and workshop hosts are looking forward to seeing you:

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