How to get the “hydrogen billions”
Published on: Aug 26, 2020
How to get the “hydrogen billions”

Dear all,

As you know, I have invested a lot of time and money in “Selling on the internet”. I had fantastic mentors, some of them are the best e-commerce specialists in Germany. You know: e-commerce, those are the guys who are broke immediately without a good online sales strategy. And if they are not broke, they know how to do it.

Those are the guys who say “Either you have a beautiful website or you have one that sells.” Normal marketing people are talking about “beautiful”, “emotions”, “color concept” and stuff like that – e-commerce people think this is BS since it’s not relevant. Profit is what counts.

I believe that exhibitions and conferences, as we all know them, are dead. Some people don’t know that yet, but it’s a fact. Many of them were going south already before Covid19 since they are expensive and time-consuming – but now it’s official. Would you fly to someplace at the moment, build a booth, spend your night in a crowded hotel and try to sell your products to walk-in customers wearing a face mask all day long? Would you go to someplace as a visitor if you know that two-thirds of the visitors especially from abroad are not there anyway? I wouldn’t. I am not afraid of the virus, I just think it’s a waste of time and money.

The best sales channel is the internet. The reach is so much bigger, and the whole Covid19-discussion is obsolete if you’re sitting at your desk.

Here’s a recommendation: Forget your preconceptions. Learn how to get customers on the internet. Learn how to sell online.

The German government will invest 9 billion Euros in hydrogen technology. The European Union, France, Portugal, Japan, South Korea, China, and other countries will invest billions as well. How much of that “cake” do you want to get? The required systems – electrolyzers, storage systems, fuel cells, etc. – consist of hundreds or thousands of components: materials, catalysts, screws, cables, sensors, valves, pumps, mounting brackets, etc. They are manufactured by machines and tested at the end. The more systems the industry builds, the more automation technology will be needed.
One method to get a piece of that “billion-dollar-cake” is a virtual booth at the largest hydrogen conference and exhibition in the world, Hydrogen Online Conference: Our sister company Mission Hydrogen expects some 10k participants from all over the world. With registrations from more than 70 countries so far we are convinced that the event will be fantastic.

Companies who already got the picture and booked a booth are: AVL List GmbHBurckhardt CompressionHexagon PurusKEYOU GmbHMehrer CompressionNel HydrogenNOW GmbHStäubli Tec-Systems GmbH ConnectorsUniperWEH GmbHCarl Kurt Walther GmbH & Co. KGCOMSOL, Inc.Feintool International Holding AGFraunhofer IMMG. BOPP + CO AGGoetze KG ArmaturenGräbener Maschinentechnik GmbH & Co. KGGTA, Inc.Gustav Klein GmbH & Co. KGHydrogenious LOHC Technologies GmbHLuxfer Gas CylindersMAFU GroupMannesmann Line PipeMesa Parts GmbHNEUMAN & ESSER GROUPNova Werke AGORCA KBS Zerspanungstechnik GmbH & Co.KGSeitz Valve TechnologySPIR STAR AGSTÖHR ARMATUREN GmbH & Co. KGSumitomo Electric IndustriesW. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.Wenger Engineering GmbHWieland-Werke AGWS Reformer GmbHWystrachZILONIS.
A Classic Booth costs € 2,500, that’s less than the travel expenses to a regular exhibition for you and your team. For that money, you won’t only get worldwide visibility and reach, but also the opportunity to talk to thousands of potential customers about your products. There will be a network area where you can chat with other participants. There will be presentations of the best and most attractive speakers of the hydrogen industry worldwide.

And there will be you, since you belong to those who seize an opportunity instead of whining about the current economy. Do you agree?

Irma Grandel will explain you the details:

Kind regards

PS: Some three weeks before the conference I will do a comprehensive webinar with all exhibitors. I will explain them what a potential sales strategy for their virtual booth might look like. In a Q&A session, they can ask their questions and learn how we managed to get a large part of our customers online. This webinar will be for free, but only for HOC exhibitors. If you want to profit from that as well: (Just send her an email or book the booth directly on

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