Hydrogentle to Build H2 Infrastructure for Commercial Vehicles
Published on: Feb 27, 2019

Our sister company Hydrogentle GmbH has presented a groundbreaking project at the FC Expo in Tokyo, Japan:

Hydrogentle has succeeded in securing a significant number of sites in order to build up a strategic hydrogen infrastructure for commercial vehicles. These locations are distributed across Germany, the first focus will be Lower Saxony.

Why does Germany need this infrastructure? In order to achieve the climate goals, we must massively reduce CO2 emissions. And to improve air quality in our cities, “More Diesel” is certainly not the way to go. You know that from the newspaper, and listing all the arguments would fill half a book.

Now the famous question arises “Battery or hydrogen and fuel cell”? Obvious for me: for light duty vehicles, a battery is a very good solution for many situations. Also in inner city delivery traffic: no problem.

But as soon as you are in multi-shift operation and on long journeys, you can forget that. The charging times, required electrical (connection) power and the weight of the batteries leave only one option: hydrogen.

And this is where Hydrogentle will be active. Nikola is pushing hard in the US (the model “Tre” for the European market is already presented), Hyundai will deliver 1000 fuel cell trucks to Switzerland, and the commercial vehicle manufacturers in China and Japan are pushing hard as well. In Germany, however, it is still rather quiet, but a look in the newspapers helps to conclude laser-sharp: Something must happen.

Hydrogentle will now tackle this chicken-egg problem and provide the chicken. 🙂

At www.wenger-engineering.de/wenger-engineering-hydrogentle-hydrogen-refueling-stations/ and www.hydrogentle.de you will find the information that we presented to the press in Tokyo.

Have a nice day
Kind regards from Tokyo, Japan


PS: If you read the PDF and say “I am a strategic supplier or investor, and the project is interesting to me”, please let me know. I will then send you more information or organize a phone conference with our experts.

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