Investments in Hydrogen Companies – Good Idea?
Published on: Apr 16, 2020

Dear all,

Two weeks ago I got an email from a friend:

“Hi David,
You are an expert for hydrogen, and you are also an expert for the stock market. Do you recommend the following companies:
1. Ballard Power Systems
2. Nel ASA
3. Plug Power
Kind regards
Well…what do you want to hear now? I do have an opinion, but I’m not going to share it with you here. I’m not your investment adviser, and I don’t want to be responsible if you invest your last $27.30, the stock goes south for whatever reason and you can’t pay the baker anymore.

However, what I do know is the following: The CEOs of all three companies will be keynote speakers at the Hydrogen Online Conference that will be hosted by our sister company Mission Hydrogen:

All three will be sharing their vision of the future and their company strategy for about 30 minutes and then be available for another 30 minutes of Q&A. If you participate – Live Tickets are free for Early Birds – you can form your own opinion. Here’s the registration link:

And if you want to know before why NEL stock skyrocketed in the last four weeks by 68% (sixty-eight percent!), please join the next Mission Hydrogen webinar. NEL Vice President of Investor Relations Bjørn Simonsen will speak about „Unlocking the Potential of Renewable Hydrogen”, explain why electrolysis is extremely interesting for the future, how NEL is positioned and why NEL is attractive for investors. Bjørn will also be available for a Q&A session. I have known him for like 10 years now, and I am sure the webinar will be fantastic. Here’s the registration link:

Please forward this email to your friends and colleagues who are interested in the stock market and other investments in Renewable Energy. I believe that it’s a unique opportunity to e-meet Randy Mac Ewen of Ballard, Jon André Løkke of Nel and Andy Marsh of Plug Power within a few hours and ask them everything you want:

And here’s the registration link to the „private audience“ with Bjørn Simonsen once again:

Enjoy the meetings. 🙂


PS: No, I was not audacious enough to buy NEL stock four weeks ago. Plus eighty-six percent in four weeks with the whole world in lockdown. Why didn’t someone tell me before…? 😉

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