New German government, new policy. My summary for you.
Published on: Dec 21, 2021
New German government, new policy. My summary for you.

Dear all,

Germany will get a new german government in the coming weeks. The new policy has been published yesterday. Here’s my summary for you:

1. Germany wants to become a leading country for hydrogen technology until 2030.

2. Germany wants to stay technology neutral, i.e. the politicians will not decide if batteries, hydrogen, e-fuels etc. are the solution. This will be up to the market.

3. Germany shall become a center for battery cell research, production and recycling.

4. An energy infrastructure for renewable electricity and hydrogen are considered as key elements for competitiveness in the 21st century.

5. The National Hydrogen Strategy will be updated in 2022 with more ambitious goals.

6. Germany wants to achieve an electrolyzer capacity of 10GW in 2030 (so far: 5GW).

7. H2Global shall be developed further and funded.

8. Electricity and hydrogen grids are the backbone of the energy system of the future.

9. Planning and approval procedures for renewable energy and hydrogen shall be simplified.

10. Coal shall be phased out by 2030.

11. The PV capacity in Germany shall be 200 GW by 2030.

The document has 178 pages, and it also covers other subjects such as education, job security etc.

I believe it is a good start for a new german government.

However, we’ll see how much of it will be realized. Olaf Scholz, Christian Lindner, Robert Habeck: Now walk the talk!

In any case, you should remember two things: 1. Hydrogen will happen. 2. Either you are in or you are out.

If you want to be in, you should learn as much as possible on the technology, the state of the art, the key players and the options.

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Have a nice day

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