Parenting in Times of Electric Vehicles
Published on: Sep 12, 2017
My son has built a car in the living room. charging cable

My 3 year old son has built a „car“ in the living room. Since we don’t have a pressing plant or welding robots at home, he had to use chairs, tables and pillows. Just like every kid in his age.

Here’s an interesting fact: His car has got a charging cable. 🙂

Parenting used to be easy in the good old times. The dog said “Woof Woof”, the cat said “Meow” and the car noise was “vroooom”. While the dog and the cat stay the same the car has become difficult to explain to young children.

What is the noise of an electric vehicle? “Sssssss?” “Mmmmhhhh?” “Fffffffffhhhh?” I really don’t know.

What I do know is that my son’s kindergarten friends think that he is crazy when he adds cables to cars and talks about charging them. He is perfectly right in doing so (from his perspective as an early adopter kid). They are perfectly right when they say they have never seen a car with a cable.

Interesting point, isn’t it? Society changes, and so do the things we teach to our kids.

But my question is still not answered: “What is the noise of an EV in a comic or children’s book?”

Any help is appreciated. 🙂

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