Review Hydrogen Online Workshop
Published on: Apr 15, 2021
Review Hydrogen Online Workshop

Dear readers,

About two weeks ago, our sister company Mission Hydrogen hosted the world’s largest hydrogen workshop. 24 hours straight, with dozens of keynotes and technical workshops from all over the world. It was fantastic. At its peak, there were over 4,000 people at the same time, and in total we had participants from about 115 countries.

It was about production, about storage, about utilization – and about career opportunities for young people in the renewable energy sector.

I learned a lot for myself – about current projects, methods, new technologies and products. Shortly afterwards, I was able to save a six-figure sum in my day-to-day business thanks to this new knowledge, because I learned a shortcut.

Remember: Knowledge is the prerequisite for professional success on these new topics. If we don’t have the most up-to-date knowledge, there’s a high probability that we’ll pay for it.

What about you? Do you feel well equipped for the decarbonized future?

If no, I have good news for you: HERE you can find the recordings and the slides of the Hydrogen Online Workshop to watch everything at your leisure and then bring about the right decisions for your company. Take advantage of this opportunity. You won’t get the knowledge this fast, easy and cheap anymore!


David Wenger

PS: The GOLD ticket includes the recordings, the slides and as a bonus all hydrogen webinars of 2021. The SILVER ticket includes only the recordings. GOLD TICKET and SILVER TICKET. Take your chance before your competitors do!

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