Some inspiration to start the year
Published on: Jan 12, 2021
Some inspiration to start the year

Hello everyone,

is it still allowed to wish “Happy New Year”? According to etiquette, I don’t think so. But I’ll just do it now anyway. I hope you had a good start. Stay healthy!

I’ve made good use of the last few weeks to just chill out. To do things I don’t usually do because I have other priorities. Here are a few things in case you’re looking for inspiration:

Books: one book I’ve had for a long time but haven’t worked on enough is “Tools of Titans” by Tim Ferriss. I read in it and learned a lot of interesting things. Highly recommended!  

Podcast: I had planned to listen to more podcasts that inspire me. But since I wasn’t much on the road last year, I didn’t do it. I have now partially made up for that. For example, I like the one by Jocko Willink, this likeable, friendly, mindful and benevolent former Navy Seal commander (if the Americans had put him in front of the Capitol, no one would have gone in there…):  

Wine: Maybe you know the musician Sting. Of course you know him. He is not only an Englishman in New York, but also an Englishman in Italy, where he grows and produces his own wine. I ordered a few bottles of it. By the way, the wine is called “Message in a Bottle”. Unfortunately it has not arrived yet. I will keep you posted if it tastes good or if I go blind.

Music: I’ve been browsing Youtube again to discover new things. One great video is the Tiny Desk concert by Dua Lipa. Do you know the Tiny Desk series? Fantastic format, and it fits the current situation perfectly.

Talking about the “current situation”: The COVID situation is still unpleasant, and it will remain unpleasant in my honest opinion. Traveling is out of the question.

In this respect, I have good news for you: on March 25, 2021, Mission Hydrogen GmbH is organizing a workshop that is unique in the world. It is called Hydrogen Online Workshop (HOW) and will give you the opportunity to discuss all “HOW to…” questions around hydrogen with worldwide experts. Again 24 hours at a time, and of course again free of charge.

You can register at the website The site does not reveal many details yet, as we have kept them confidential until now. But register now anyway to secure a front row seat in front of your laptop 😉

As I said, participation is free: If you think it wasn’t worth registering, send me an email with a reason and I’ll refund you the full price of zero euros again – plus a hundred euros as compensation for the time and mental damage you suffered. If you are one of the experts who have something to say and who want to make an active contribution, please contact She will make sure that you are heard (if this is possible and reasonable – of course I cannot give a guarantee at this stage).

So, dear folks, click through the links, and if you listen to and internalize Jocko Willink’s podcast, you will learn to say “Good” to all situations.

 “The economy is bad.” – “Good. Then something new will emerge.”

“The lockdown will be extended.” – “Good, then I’ll have more time for the family.”

“Mission Hydrogen is organizing the largest interactive hydrogen workshop in the world (for free).” – “Good, then I’ll sign up right now:”

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a great 2021!

David Wenger

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