Unsolved questions of mankind
Published on: Dec 21, 2021
Unsolved questions of mankind

Good day to all,

There are questions of mankind that have been unsolved since the beginning of time. How did the ancient Egyptians build the pyramids? What was the purpose of Stonehenge? Why did the dinosaurs become extinct? Lots of questions, and no one knows the answer…

Another question that no one knows the answer to is, “What does Boris Johnson’s hairdresser do for a living?”

Honestly, do you know it? Butcher? Lumberjack? Business developer for a fan manufacturer? Crazy, isn’t it, the hairstyle?

But seriously: Boris Johnson is a fantastic speaker. If he’s ever voted out of office, he can easily build up a new career as a standup comedian. After all, he studied the classics and classical philosophy. That certainly explains his gigantic vocabulary and his ability to conjure up interesting metaphors out of thin air.

Speaking of Boris Johnson, did you know that his friends and family don’t call him Boris? They call him Alex. Funny, isn’t it? His full name is Alexander Boris Johnson, and until he started his career in politics, he called himself Alex Johnson. I don’t know why he then switched to Boris. Maybe the Alex in him really likes the EU, and he needed a new persona to manage the inner conflict. Questions upon questions…

Here’s why I write this to you: Boris Johnson was also in Glasgow at the COP26 and he reported afterwards quite enthusiastically that he met Vaitea Cowan from Enapter. Quote: “And the best is, she’s even given me her card.” I’m not sure if he’s an expert on AEM electrolysis now, but he did note that there is a “microwave-like device” that can produce cheap green hydrogen.

And you: do you know how to produce cheap green hydrogen? What your company can contribute? What components or services are urgently needed? If not, I have good news for you:

Mission Hydrogen, your good old friend, has already hosted dozens of webinars on the topic this year with the best experts around. And you can get this knowledge on your computer for a small fee. With a few clicks. This will give you an invaluable advantage over your competitors who are still asleep. Does that make sense?

Click here: https://mission-hydrogen.de/webinar-collection/

Have a nice day
David Wenger

PS: A total of about 100 hours of hydrogen know-how with all slides: https://mission-hydrogen.de/webinar-collection/

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