Useless Knowledge and Useful Knowledge
Published on: Jul 8, 2020

Dear all,

Maybe you have noticed that I am interested in collecting useless knowledge. Why? I have no idea. I think it’s fun.

Yesterday, Beatles drummer Ringo Starr celebrated his 80th birthday. Yes, he is that old already. He looks like 50 and dresses and moves like 25, but yes: he is 80 years old. He has celebrated his birthday on Youtube, and some 600k people have attended his party. How many attendees do you want to have on your 80th birthday?

Actually, I think that musicians are an interesting species. On average, they are different compared to e.g. me. ZZ Top for example is different. Did you know that ZZ Top consists of three musicians? Two of them have long beards, and the third one’s name is “Frank Beard”. Seriously. That’s his real name. I think this is funny.

Regarding beards: The guy with the longest beard in the music industry is Leland Sklar, the most famous bassist you can hire for money. Phil Collins, Toto, Rod Stewart, Laura Pausini, whoever: When they need a bassist, they usually call Mr Sklar. And thanks to Corona I have found out that he is a great person, too. Every day, he uploads a video on Youtube where he shares some of his life lessons and plays some music. Here in this video he plays “Easy Lover” by Phil Collins together with other musicians. I like this kind of “unprofessional” videos:

Another video I like is „Listen to the Music (Live in Isolation)” by the Doobie Brothers. They are very old, too, and they have written that some almost 50 years ago. And I am sure that moneywise they could be sitting in a rocking chair and watch the vegetables grow. However, they use their isolation to produce a video where they perform their most popular song in their respective living rooms to raise money for charity. I like it. Here’s the video:

So what’s my message today? I have no idea. But if you have read my email until here, it’s probably not that bad. 😉

I know, some of you are still thinking “Ok, that’s nice, but how can I make money with that information?” Answer: You can’t. Of course, you could start the next Beatles, Rolling Stones or so. But if you don’t know how to play an instrument so far and are working e.g. for an automotive supplier in product management, let’s face reality: it might get difficult. However, what you can do is get a booth at HOC for your company: (page: “Exhibition”). That’s a great thing, too. We’ll bring you some 10k potential customers straight to your desk. And they will bring your company the money that will pay your salary. Ok, that’s not the same thing as getting mill. in royalties for “Easy Lover”, “Let it be” or “Last Christmas”, but better than cold calling using the Yellow Pages.

Agree? 🙂

Kind regards

PS: If you want to get some more “real” input, please have a look at the next webinars: Opportunities and Activities in Hydrogen Ports and Maritime ( (today), ​​​​​​​German National Hydrogen Strategy – Overview and Q&A ( (next week), How to Optimize Hydrogen Refueling Stations – Part 2 ( (next week, too).
PS2: And if you think this is too small for people like you, please google the current hydrogen project NEOM, Air Products, ThyssenKrupp and others have announced. Five billion dollars investment (“billions” with a “b”). I don’t know about you, but for me, that’s a lot of money. Two weeks ago, I have sent a WhatsApp message to the mastermind behind this project and asked if he wanted to do a webinar on the subject. Unfortunately, he doesn’t, otherwise “all kinds of people will contact me afterwards trying to sell me their street lights and so on.” So it’s good to know he will be a keynote speaker on October 8: 🙂

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