I was wrong (with respect to the Japanese)
Published on: Sep 27, 2019
i was wrong with respect to the japanese

Some weeks ago I have inspired you to “think like the Japanese” in my blog. Do you remember? The article was about my garden and the question if everything has to be done immediately or if we should start somewhere and optimize step by step. If you haven’t read the article, you will find it here on LinkedIn or on my blog: https://www.david-wenger.de/think-like-the-japanese/.

Anyway, a few hours after publishing the article I got a message from someone who should know: Katsuhiko Hirose. As you might guess from his name: he is Japanese. He wrote something like:

“Hi David,

I have a different point of view. This is not typical Japanese thinking. Europeans and Americans think long term as well by nature. However, Harvard-style quarterly balance sheet priority management spoils it all. Many statistics show that long term thinking adds more value for companies, society and mankind. However, I would like to meet you again next time I am in Germany, see your garden and enjoy nature together with you.

Best regards


What do you think about that? Brilliant, isn’t it? That man is right.

It is especially interesting when you look at his biography. If you don’t know who Katsuhiko Hirose is, ask Google. One of the most impressive personalities I know. Lead engineer at Toyota and the “father” of the Prius. Probably one would have to say: one of the „fathers“. The man who went to Mr. Toyoda and said: “The Hybrid is the next step. We should do that. Please give us enough resources for the development.” The man who was laughed at by Western experts who said: „Too heavy, too complicated, too expensive – it’s not going to happen.“ The rest is history.

Then he was promoted to lead the development of the fuel cell vehicles to repeat the success once again. He knew: after the Hybrid, hydrogen and fuel cells are going to be the next step because it is the only way to store enough energy for a long period. He was the one who was responsible for the development of the Mirai. “Mirai” is the Japanese word for “Future”. You can buy the future at the Toyota dealership around the corner now.

Ok, I admit: maybe the conversation between Hirose-san and Toyoda-san was slightly different. So what. His personality, his vision and his results are impressive.

And that’s why I have invited him to my garden immediately. The boots and the secateurs are ready for him. If he wants to, he can use my Stihl HS82R as well. Even though it is far from being Zero Emission.

Have a nice day


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