Me with the famous Rafael De Mestre
Published on: Nov 1, 2018

I just met the famous Rafael De Mestre – of course at a Tesla Supercharger. He is known for demonstrating the capabilities of electric vehicles – and Tesla – by driving around the world twice.

Just in case if you ask yourself: “Did that guy really drive all through Europe, Russia, Asia and the US – or did he just drive a certain amount of miles?” Yes, he drove around the world, not just up and down between two Superchargers.

And while I think it is pretty easy to drive from New York to Los Angeles in a Tesla Model S, I was surprised to hear that he didn’t even have problems in countries like Kazakhstan or so.

Now his Model S has some 330,000 km. After 270,000 km he got a new battery since the old one had had a degradation of 15%. I think that’s a pretty good value.

If you want to know more about the EV rally and “Around the world in an EV” trips Rafael organizes for EV enthusiasts, please have a look at

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