My new car: a hydrogen powered Toyota Mirai
Published on: Jun 29, 2021

Hello everyone,

Breaking news: I’m a proud owner of a hydrogen powered Toyota Mirai 2 since last Thursday, and I immediately took a 700km business trip. It was good.

In case you don’t know: Toyota is one of the OEMs – along with Hyundai – that have hydrogen high on their agenda, investing billions in the technology and aiming to succeed with it in the long run. Will they be right? We’ll see…

The new Mirai is brand new on the market. How many of them there are already in Germany, I don’t know. Maybe 10. or 20. Certainly not more.

Why did I get the car? Quite simply: I want to have the EXPERIENCE. Not like many self-appointed experts from the newspaper or PowerPoint slides, but from real life. Practical everyday experience with all the advantages and disadvantages. A direct comparison with the Tesla and the Mercedes E-Class. Live and in color. No “I heard that…”, but with a pick and a shovel in the trenches. That’s me…

I will share this experience with you starting today. Unadorned. Honest. Good times, bad times. Whether this is positive or negative for our friends at Toyota or H2 Mobility – no idea. We will see. It’s part of the open-ended experiment.

The fact is, and I noticed this a long time ago: “Being a customer” is something completely different than “being a developer”. Developing is fun. Standing as a customer at a non-functioning gas station or charging station is annoying like hell.

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David Wenger

PS: No, I am not being paid by anyone. I pay the regular price for the car, and I pay the regular price for the hydrogen. And that’s fine. So I can talk and write as I like… 😉

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